Cryptocurrency exchanges - Introduction

If you are in the cryptocurrency field then you should definitely consider cryptocurrency exchanges. Because we have to exchange cryptocurrency regularly. We have to deposit crypto or USD for our crypto exchange. There are basically two types of crypto exchanges.

01 centralized exchanges Ex - binance
02 decentralize exchanges Ex - binance Dex
The biggest use of this is centralized exchanges. centralize exchnages having Beautiful and userfriendly interfaces.normally centralize exchanges operating by a team, so this team is incharge of the crypto / money on this exchange. The team can take all the crypto and run away.
The other type of exchanges is the decentralized exchanges, which can be operated by a  team but we can trade without giving them our funds. The interface is not very user-friendly, but with the security issues ahead, decentralize exchanges seem to be overused.

So putting our crypto on a centralized exchange is like giving our money to someone else. So this one's trustworthiness is very important. If the exchange disappears suddenly or someone hacks the exchange and steals the crypto, all your crypto/money is lost in the exchange. already The crypto hack on the cryptopia exchange was lost. If you are trading, you should only trade in trusted exchanges at the top of the exchanges list on cinmarketcap. and if you don't do your daily trading, you should definitely keep your crypto in a personal wallet. 

So this post series will give you a good explanation about main exhange present. However, you will see that in a few days you will need to create accounts on many of these exchanges. So if you want to buy or sell a coin that only has low volume and risk exhange, don't forget to withdraw crypto into a wallet as soon as you buy. 

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