Cloud mining scams

When people first come to the crypto field and learn about Bitcoin, they learning the word ''mining''. So this is what cloud mining is all about. 99% of cloud mining sites have the same concept. You can Deposit BTC or $ and get a mining package from $ 100. So people who don't know anything about bitcoin are wasting their money. there for This kind of thing running few months or few years. at some point, it will collapse to the ground. most of these kinds of things offering by your close friend or cousin, due to the direct commission from the referral is high. (10%) they will show you withdrawal proof, Ceo of the company, an event on USA or any other country heald by the company. anyway, don't fall into that trap.

Here are the scam cloud mining sites that are currently running. If you know these kinds of sites, please send me a message and update it here so that newcomers can stay away from it.


Check out the burned-out cloud mining sites here

Bitconnect  (Now there's a Dr's site)

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