Upcoming Ethereum Nowa Hard fork scam

Here is another crypto scam going parallel to Offical Ethereum constantinople hard fork. be careful about un-official announcement and giveaways.

actual ETH hard-fork will be happening Wednesday, January 16, 2019. this date may vary with the block time of ethereum network. it is exactly happening at block number 7,080,000. you can see a countdown timer . for further details Please check this official announcement

There is a website called scam people with this hard fork. the website asking people to send their ETH to scam ETH address and then they can get ETN coins instantly. the etherscan show that already a few people trapped and sent to that address.

Scam website                    -
Type                                   - ask people to send ETH
Scammers ETH address  - 0xFE5609818ba43C87e8E6B7BFE4286B0048707a17  

please be careful and don't send any eth amount to any address for this upcoming hard-fork. just keep your ether on any supported exchange or authorized wallet ex - metamaskmyether wallet

Ethereum NowaEthereum Nowa

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